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May 2004
A shared language

You're really too money Dunstan ^__^

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February 2004
Dynamic @import CSS files using PHP

Finally you did what I suggested you in your "Be nice to sheep" post (… ) ~__^

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December 2003
Be nice to sheep

Oh la la, I somewhat went crazy with my idea of PHP-CSS, there is a more conventionnal way that simply consist in using a PHP script as background-image X__X

Simon: At least it's possible to…

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Dunstan: yes, you can @import a PHP file, but don't forget to set the text/css MIME type in the PHP script because Mozilla seems to check if the type of the imported files match the one set in the…

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Dunstan: I rather thought to remove the class attribute in the "scene" DIV and replace the

<style type="text/css" media="screen">@import…

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just my 0.02€

Eduardo: For sure Dunstan could compose the header image "live" but it would alter the markup which he may not be ok to do.

Dunstan: I noticed your night and day CSS takes…

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Dunstan: Nice subtle enhancements. It's nice to see the sheeps haing a life.
To use PNGCRUSH, you simply have open a dosbox and type :

pngcrush source_image.png crushed_image.png

and voilà.…

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