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December 2004
Retro: Very arranged marriages

Here I am a non-Indian guy who is in a loving relationship with a beautiful intelligent Indian girl. She is the daughter of a Hindu priest and has been groomed her entire life to be someone's…

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September 2004
A good clean fight

Which part of "DON'T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB" didn't you understand Biggest Apple?

... I just talked about Fight Club didn't I? Darn it!

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Rise of the kaddle

You have such interesting graffiti where you live. The best Minnesota can do is a stop sign that says Bush underneath. *sigh*

Nonetheless, a good photo. I really enjoy your graffiti pics.

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More. Please.

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July 2004
Barbequing with the rich and famous

Just too funny. Look, most of those guys were born in families that came from Europe. ;-)

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