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July 2005
Another short film of the puppies in the garden

Fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration.

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A short film of the puppies at 13-days old

Holy crap! Sweet puppies :)

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October 2004
Hitler who?

Keywords being "were known" and "old news". Hitler may be dead but people still practice Nazism (… Last I heard prejudice was still alive and kicking…

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June 2004
Mission Delores Park

Uhm, Dunstan ... there's really no such language as "Mexican". It's Spanish. Sorry to be so anal, but this happens to be one of my pet peeves.

BTW, thanks for bringing the calendar back!


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May 2004
The PHP code behind my archive page

Really nice. :)

if ($is_very_first_list == 0)
print '<ul>'."n";

Shouldn't that be a closing tag ('</ul>')?

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