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February 2004
Site updates

Thanks Dunstan,

I promise that was the last question on this matter :)

As you can see I don't know diddly squat on Javascript!


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Yes it makes sense :)

Like this?

// run all the onload scripts
function runScripts()

I just wasn't sure if I needed the ';'…

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Hi there,

I have just one more question relating to bloclquotes.

In my body tag I have the following:
<body onload="fixscrollbars()">

Now when this is in place your blockquote js…

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Hi there,

On your article you mention 'Check this page’s source for its use' but I cannot see any instance of a blockquote example.

I tried to use the code but I got a scripting error that…

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Easy CSS drop shadows

Hi Dunstun,

This really is great :)

When using the illustrative class do you always have to specify an additional 10px in the 'style="width: 270px;'?

So if my image is 160px w I would use…

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January 2004
Javascript image captions

Hi Dunstan,

Hmmm, I will have to play around a little more as I don't get any js errors. I added the script to my global js and called it.

At least I know I can't use it with th drop shadows…

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Hi there,

This is excellent!

I have tried it used in conjunction with your drop shadow image technique and can't get it to work.

I used:
<div class="img-dec-r"><img…

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