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July 2005
A hello-and-goodbye kind of post

it's such a pity that i stumbled upon your site only recently, while clicking through random links all over the net. before i know it, it's time for you to move on, at least for now. i do hope you…

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February 2004
Tell us everything! Well, not quite everything…

Haha just as thought sooner or later an american would post and prove one of many points the brits try to make against us. anyways when americans watch british tv it comes out boring as all hell.…

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Re-designing comment forms

i really like this idea Dunstan...

be interesting to see if it appears in MT 3.0 :)

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January 2004
Friendly error handling

I recently had a hoot actualy making a 404 - took a newsfeed template, added amazon, and its a veritable cornucopia of error information. Sorry, no Google - how about powell's ... error books?

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