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January 2005
Lotty and Dotty

Duncan is the new Wegman.

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October 2004

Ah, good point Dave.

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Probably one of those baseball bat pens.

And actually, she would be a 49'ers fan. I don't think red is a Giants color.

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August 2004
The Shadow/Highlight tool in Photoshop CS

I also like how it changed the brightness on the top of the mushroom.

Nice tip Dunstan.

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July 2004
Laptops as social aids

I am a bit of an audiophile, and download live concerts taped by audience members. These used to be done on DAT or MiniDisc, but I am seeing more and more people using laptops for recording…

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Redesign explained: time presentation

When I first started my site, and before installing WordPress, I marked the time of my posts in offhand ways like that as well:

"just after lunch, in the vicinity of lunch, early afternoon, high…

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February 2004
Tell us everything! Well, not quite everything…

I am just going to assume that My Hero is a british show because I have never heard of it.

That being said, there will probably be an American equivalent coming out soon. Seems to be that way…

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