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February 2006
Diet Pepsi, the choice of Athlets

Yes obesity is a serious problem but mocking an overweight child is definitely not the solution to the problem. Unfortunately, diet soft drinks are the beverage of choice for those of us on the…

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March 2005
Another short film of the puppies in the garden

dunstan orchard, you selfish bastard.... how dare you have a life! i feel so dirty and disrespected. and now that i've got that out of the way, bring on the puppies.

self-entitlement is the ugly…

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February 2005
A short film of the puppies in the garden

I can't stand the cuteness. There was a very good chance, that upon viewing the video, my head would explode, much to the consternation of my fellow employees. Thank you Dunstan. It will be my…

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May 2004
The curious case of the footloose footwear

Jish lamented…

I photographed…

and someone collected some (many?) and made art. shoe found land (burning…

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