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November 2004
Audio tape to MP3

Someone remembers Tony HHHHHancock! That is a great list you have there -- though I wonder how much of it is lost forever (other than private collections)

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Hi Dunstan,
for the recording part have a look at Audiocorder for OSX:…

The program is shareware (it adds a message at the start of each recording)…

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Solving CSS problems for Mozilla Europe

Hi Dunstan
Sweet and inspired!

The collapsing box has always been more of a hurdle. Thanks for making it an asset.

I think that in the spirit of others naming techniques (FIR, sliding…

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December 2003
Googley woogley

heh - blogs certainly do attract some odd searches.

My current favourite is 'ebay fraud tutorial' - yes I'm sure people write tutorials on that kind of thing, or do they :

Also enjoying my…

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