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October 2004
Photoblog navigation woes

Example C: 1
Example B: 2
Example A: 3

For me is super-important that the previous and next button remains at the same place regardless of the photo.
This way you can recline in you chair…

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September 2004
Rise of the kaddle

Edit: (I AM from Argentina)

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What's "kaddle"? (I'm not from Argentina)

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February 2004
More syndication feeds added

Dunstan: I'm very happy with your new full post feed. Nevertheless, you have to put the full URL in pictures (no the relative one) because the pictures dont show up in my feed…

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January 2004
Calendar girl

Very nice, but isn't in the same line that the site.
And, where's the link to the calendar in the home page? I dont get it.

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December 2003
Be nice to sheep

In the topic of the sheeps:
Maybe it easier (at least fewer images) if you put a picture in the background and add individual transparent GIF (or PNG) images of sheeps, clouds, etc., in top of…

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ohh, sorry. I misunderstood your post.

Merry Christmas!

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Ok, thanks. I hope never need help from you again (don't like people telling me I'm an idiot)

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Can you tell me where's the XML feed?

I've been waiting for this think for years.

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