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December 2005
Easy CSS drop shadows


i recently came across and article in drop shadow with css and then came across this site. i am very new to dreamweaver and trying to get into design and web building. i have found very…

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October 2004
Hitler who?

Not to be pushy Jog but again 50% of the population does not support Bush. The population of the US is about 237 million, in 2000 50 million people voted for Bush, that's about 18%. Our country…

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As a side note, only about 50% of eligible voters actually vote over here and since only about 50% of voters vote Republican, its more like 25% of the eligible voters that like war-mongering…

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May 2004
The curious case of the footloose footwear

He. Spike Jonze did a short film titled "How they get there" on EXACTLY this topic. It's available on DVD if you care to check it out (it's a short-film, approx. 2 mins or something like…

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December 2003

Well, I just came to this post using that "damn thing"... ;)
But I'd say it's a matter of taste...

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