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June 2005
A weekend away at Sea Ranch

Really nice photos; I like the "Deer or Giraffe?" one best. ;)

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November 2004
Touchdown, Tim Mixon

Does the score of this match let us forecast anything about the result of the current elections ? ;)

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Hitler who?

I don't get it

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October 2004
Diet Pepsi, the choice of Athlets

Don't mean for my first post to be a pissy rant (hey, two in a row!) but "America needs to cut down on junk food"? Come on, now. Because, of course, the entire country, with no exceptions is fat…

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August 2004

Is this the Dunstan Orchard fan club? How do I join?

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San Mateo County Fair


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The Shadow/Highlight tool in Photoshop CS

Indeed. My comment was more to draw attention to your points exactly -- I wasn't meaning to be critical. Just observing. :-)

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Oy! The original photo is full of depth and shadow and feeling. The processed one is flat and dull!

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April 2004
Photo manipulation

Quick Question -- not a tutorial, BUT! would you just throw us a couple of key words about the "Kung Fu Dunstan" image? I'm happy with the cropping, duplication of the background and the…

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March 2004
CSS drop shadows, extended

Just wanted to say thanks.

Stopped by today because I remembered your sweet little drop shadow technique and wanted to see how it was done... and there was your post about ALA. Synchronicity,…

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